Two Wins For ZMFF&J Tax Whistleblower Clients

Discovery in a whistleblower case is not an easy path – with the challenge being that the whistleblower is often in a position of limited knowledge of what happened with the information provided and the ultimate results (unlike a typical  →

Court decision good news for New York tax whistleblower‎s

Quit Tam Plaintiffs’ Bar Expects Increase in New York Whistle-Blower Cases Now that New York’s highest court has allowed a high-profile whistle-blower tax case to proceed, members of the qui tam plaintiffs’ bar tell Bloomberg BNA that more of these  →

ZMFFJ counsel John Dies quoted in Tax Notes regarding potential changes to the Tax Court Rules

ZMFFJ counsel John Dies quoted in Tax Notes regarding potential changes to the Tax Court Rules …continue reading >>  →

ZMFFJ announces another victory

The law firm of Zerbe, Fingeret, Frank and Jadav is proud to announce that an anonymous whistleblower represented by the firm received an award of $11.6 million dollars under the IRS whistleblower program. …continue reading >>  →

Wall Street Journal highlights latest ZMFFJ victory

The Internal Revenue Service awarded $11.6 million to a whistleblower this week… …continue reading >>  →

Tax Court Can Review Whistleblower Claim Award Determination

Whistleblower W reported a tax fraud scheme, involving W’s employer and related entities, to the Government. W provided the Government with information regarding the tax fraud scheme from June 2006 through the fall of 2009. W’s information formed the basis  →

IRS Whistleblower Awards – 5 Keys to Success

In working with the IRS on a number of whistleblower submissions, and talking and listening to senior IRS officials, it is clear that there are 5 keys to having the IRS give a hard consideration to your claim: Current The  →

GOP Should Be Leader In Fight Against Fraud

If the months since President Obama's reelection have proved anything, it is simply that there is no shortage of opinions about the preferred direction of the Republican Party One particularly insightful thought though came from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal immediately  →

Amicus brief for Insinga case coauthored by Dean Zerbe on behalf of National Whistleblower center

The Insinga case raised important questions of how long the IRS can take to decide a whistleblower’s submission. The National Whistleblower Center is a champion of whistleblowers and Dean Zerbe of ZMFF&J serves as a senior advisor for the NWC.  →

Key Tax Court action for whistleblowers waiting for IRS decision

The recent tax court decision in Insinga is good news for whistleblowers who have been waiting for the IRS to take action or make decisions on their submission.  The tax court is clearly signaling in its order that the IRS  →