Bradley Birkenfeld, Hero of Tax Reform (The Wall Street Journal)

Jenkins: Bradley Birkenfeld, Hero of Tax Reform Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. for The Wall Street Journal Is there anything redeeming to be found in the adventures of Bradley Birkenfeld, the UBS whistleblower whose tale is sordidness piled on sordidness? Continue  →

IRS pays UBS whistle-blower $104 million (USA Today)

IRS pays UBS whistle-blower $104 million USA Today, September 12, 2012 The Internal Revenue Service has awarded an ex-banker $104 million for providing information about overseas tax cheats — the largest amount ever awarded by the agency, lawyers for the  →

Get Out of Jail Free? No, It’s Even Better (The New York Times)

Get Out of Jail Free? No, It’s Even Better David Kocieniewski for The New York Times Sometimes, crime does pay. Bradley C. Birkenfeld, a former banker at UBS, recently served two and a half years in prison for conspiring with  →

Bradley’s Winnings (The Economist)

Bradley’s Winnings The Economist, September 15, 2012 Bradley Birkenfeld was conspicuously absent from a press conference on September 11th to announce his award of $104m from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for exposing schemes used by UBS, his former employer,  →

‘Tarantula’ snares $104m reward for whistleblowing in UBS tax case (Financial Times)

‘Tarantula’ snares $104m reward for whistleblowing in UBS tax case Kara Scannell in New York for Financial Times “The Internal Revenue Services has awarded a former UBS banker $104m for revealing a tax evasion scheme that cost the US government  →

IRS Sets Timelines for Action on Whistleblower Claims

by Jeremiah Coder The IRS is adopting temporary timelines for acting on whistleblower submissions while it conducts a review of the whistleblower program, according to a memorandum sent to all the agency’s operating divisions on June 20. In the memo,  →

IRS reverses position, which could benefit whistleblowers

“Whistleblowers and their advocates have long complained that they are unappreciated – or downright resented – at the Internal Revenue Service, but the agency gave them a pleasant surprise Friday. Months after narrowing the circumstances under which whistleblowers could collect rewards for  →

United States Tax Court

Docket No. 4609-12W. JOSEPH A. INSINGA, Petitioner, v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, Respondent ORD E R Now before the Court are two motions for leave to file friend-of-the-court briefs. Petitioner has consented to both motions, and respondent has objected. Upon consideration,  →

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